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ISOCLEAN Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner with Spray Top(525ml)


ISOCLEAN’s Makeup Brush Cleaner with Spray Top is about to become an essential part of your makeup brush cleaner & skincare routine.  It removes germs, dust, dirt, makeup, bacteria and dead skin that accumulate on your makeup brushes & tools and IT WORKS IN JUST 60 SECONDS!

Available in 110ml, 275ml, 525ml bottle sizes, plus you can top up using the eco-friendly makeup brush cleaner refill pouches once you have run out.

For makeup artists, the makeup brush cleaner is perfect for cleaning your makeup brushes after every use and in between your clients.  It’s also great for general use at home for day-to-day makeup cleaning routine.

Data suggest that cosmetics may trigger acne in as many as 62% of cases due to the spread of bacteria.  Dirty brushes are a breeding ground for viruses, fungi and bacteria – including P.Acnes bacteria – the main culprit behind acne. If not cleaned regularly, brushes reintroduce this bacteria, along with dirt, dead skin cells and oil, to your skin with every single makeup application.

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