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LVL Lashes Course Information

Learn how to perform the original and best lash lifting treatment, starting in the comfort of your own home. Our LVL Lash Lift is an invaluable professional skill to have in your portfolio for clients who want long lasting, natural looking eyelash enhancements without the need for mascara or lash extensions. So, by starting your LVL training journey now, we can ensure you’re qualified and delivering treatments as soon as possible.

LVL Training Overview

LVL is the revolutionary lash lift treatment that creates the appearance of length, volume and lift using nothing but your clients’ natural lashes. Our lash health first techniques and products, made exclusively by Nouveau Lashes, are used to lift the lashes at the root minimising the risk of damage. Our products revolutionised lash lifts, but our new LVL CeraLashLift System is a breakthrough in maintaining healthy, strong lashes without compromising on results.

With LVL Lashes, your clients will see instant results that last up to 8 weeks and keep them coming back again and again. Treatment time takes from 35 minutes and you’ll learn to add an upper and lower lash tint for that finishing touch.

Whether you’re completely new to lifting lashes, have previous experience with another training provider or looking for a course that will elevate your skill set, we have one just for you.

You can check out our patch testing guidelines here

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What will I learn?

Our LVL training is made up of both theory and practical modules. The first section of theory will be completed via a live webinar, delivered by our expert trainers, with your final in-class practical training and assessment being held at a later date. You will have successfully qualified when you complete both modules.


Our friendly trainers aren’t just qualified educators, they’re international-level lash artists, so you’ll be trained by the best. After your accredited lash training, you’ll receive support  and access to our Resource Centre where you can download promotional materials to help your business thrive. You’ll also get exclusive access to our range of LVL products which are only available to Nouveau Lashes trained artists.


Key techniques taught in this course:


  • Business set-up & legal requirements
  • Pre-procedure preparation
  • Consultation skills
  • Product information & usage guidance
  • Eye & eyelash anatomy
  • Health & safety procedures
  • Best practice techniques, tips, & hints
  • Maximising your business potential

What is LVL?

The Nouveau Lashes LVL Treatment stands for Length, Volume and Lift. The treatment creates the look of longer, fuller lashes with only your natural lashes, which are a perfect alternative to lash extensions.

How much does the LVL Training cost?

The LVL training course costs £200 + VAT

You have the option to purchase a kits starting at £150+VAT

Do I need any previous experience to complete the LVL Lash course?

The LVL Lash Lift course does not require any previous training. Our expert trainers will teach you everything you need to know on your day of training so you will leave feeling confident.

How long does the training last?

The LVL Training course is a one day course. Half day is completed online for the theory and the other half is practical where you can attend any of our training academies.

How long does the treatment take to carry out?

The LVL Lash Lift Treatment usually takes 35 minutes to carry out, however, it can take longer when you are first starting out.

Can I complete a conversion course if I am already trained in another lash brand?

Yes, we offer an LVL conversion course online if you have previously trained in a lash lift with another brand. The conversion course is £90 + VAT.

Do I need to bring a model to training?

Yes you are required to bring a model with you on the day of practical training. You must patch test your model 24-48 hours prior to training and they must be in attendance for the duration of the practical.

When will I receive my training certificate?

Students will receive their certificate on the same day as they complete their practical LVL training course.

How do I choose an insurance company?

There are various insurance companies you can use to cover the LVL treatment. The company we recommend is Holistic Insurance.

What is the recommended RRP of the LVL treatment?

The recommended retail cost of the LVL treatment is £45/€50.

When and where can I train in LVL Lashes?

We have regular courses running at our academies in Warrenpoint, Drogheda, Ballymena, Belfast & Galway.

Your training will start online, but you will have the choice of attending our official academies for your practical session.

Get in touch for information on our upcoming training dates.

When training you have the option of adding on the the start up kit which is £150+VAT or the complete kit which is £300+VAT.

Please enquire with a member of our team for full details

LVL Lashes Training Reviews

"I am massively impressed with the LVL Lashes training, the course material is so in depth."

Ciara, LVL Lashes Technician

LVL Lashes Training Review

"I attended the LVL Lashes Conversion Course and I cannot recommend it enough"

Siobhan, LVL Technician

LVL Lashes Training Reviews

"I could not be happier with the LVL Lashes training course. The facilities & trainers were excellent."

Michaela, LVL Lashes Technician

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