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Nothing transforms your face like the shape of your eyebrows. With so many trends and styles out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve put together a useful guide on how to make your brows look insta-worthy. We’ll take you through finding the best brow shape for your face, the best brow products on the market, and brow mistakes you should avoid. So, let’s delve right in…

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Eyebrows are like fingerprints, everyone’s different. The shape of your brows is determined by various factors, but the main one is the shape of your face. This will determine the starting point of your brows, length, and arch position. Whether you have a round-shaped face or square, we will help you identify which brow shape will best suit you.

Round Face Shape Diagram Woman

Round-Shaped Face

A round-shaped face is characterised by a soft, curved chin. The widest part of the face is the cheekbones, with the face length and width being almost identical. The best brow shape for a rounded face is light and only slightly curved brows. Rounded brows will make the face appear even more round. To make the face appear longer, add length to the tails, and a high arch.

Oval Face Shape Diagram Woman

Oval-Shaped Face

Generally, oval-shaped faces have the same (or similar) forehead and chin width. You may also have small curves on the side of the face and a soft chin. If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re in luck as your face type will suit nearly all brow shapes. However, less angular (soft) brows will be the most flattering.

Square Face Diagram Woman

Square-Shaped Face

Square face shapes are strong with defined features. Usually, the sides of the face are straight and the jawline is sharp and pronounced. The most flattering brow shape for a square face is angular, in-line with the facial features. Height in the arch and longer tails will help to make the face appear longer. Flatter brows will make a square face shape stand out.

Oblong Face Shape Diagram Woman

Oblong-Shaped Face

An oblong face shape is similar to a square face shape – with the forehead, cheeks, and jawline being similar width with a slight curvature at the chin. For the most flattering brows, keep a long tail and create distance between the fronts, this will make the forehead appear wider. A slight angular shape to the brows will be the most complimentary for this face type.

Oblong Face Shape Diagram Woman

Heart-Shaped Face

Anyone with a heart-shaped face will have a wider forehead and a narrow, more pointed chin. The brow shape should make the forehead appear smaller and soften the lower part of the face. To try and place emphasis on the centre of the face, brows should be kept close together with shorter tails. To bring out the features of a heart-shaped face, brows should be kept rounded with a slight curve.

Pear Face Shape Diagram Woman

Pear-Shaped Face

A pear-shaped face will have a defined jawline that carries as far as the hairline. To accentuate pear-shaped features and to make the bottom of the face seem narrower, brows should be kept longer and arched.

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