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Nouveau Lashes – CeraLash PH Balance (Step 4)



This ground-breaking new step in the LVL treatment not only swiftly removes lashes from the shield and shield from the skin; it also gently restores the natural pH level of the lashes post-treatment and repairs the cuticle.

For lash lifts to work, the pH of the lash must be artificially increased to around pH 10. After the treatment, you want lashes to go back to their natural pH of around 5.5 as soon as possible. By applying LVL CeraLashBalance after Step 3, this will help to stop any further chemical reactions from taking place by restoring natural pH levels and will help to avoid over-processing. This will help to maintain lash health without compromising on the results of the lash lift.

This product is accredited to The Vegan Society.

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