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False Eyelashes

Want to up your lash game without the hassle? Go from basic to bold in an instant with our range of essential false eyelashes every makeup bag needs. Whatever your lash look, be sure to find the perfect pair to suit you with our extensive collection from the award-winning global brand, Nouveau Lashes. With girl’s nights out and parties planned in your diaries, now is the perfect time to unleash the power of your eyes with some strip lashes.

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Eyelash Products

Feel the power of gorgeous eyes with our selection of high-quality eyelash products brought to you by Nouveau Lashes & HD Brows, the unquestioned authority in lash care among professionals. All Nouveau Lashes products are cruelty-free and provide a premium look and feel, making you feel ultra-glam. A must-have in any beauty collection. Complete your night out makeup look with HD Brows eyeshadow palettes and lip gloss to get everyone talking.

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