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Elizabeth Kelly

Where it all began….

In entrepreneurship, Elizabeth Kelly emerges as a dynamic and passionate force driven by an unwavering commitment to creating impactful businesses. Her journey is a testament to resilience, innovation, and an unyielding dedication to making a difference.

Elizabeth has been involved in the beauty industry all her working life, initially starting out with her own hairdressing salon and as a beauty therapist before starting The Beauty School in Warrenpoint, Co. Down.


‘I always knew I wanted to teach others the skill of beauty therapy and highlight that it is just that – A SKILL!  I feel it is important to give a fresh approach to beauty training since it is a fast moving and ever-evolving industry. A crucial component to being a good therapist is client communication and excellent customer service. I feel this is a skill that needs to be nurtured alongside practical training.’


The Spark of Entrepreneurship:

Elizabeth’s entrepreneurial journey is characterised by a genuine spirit, constantly seeking fresh opportunities and turning innovative ideas into thriving businesses. Her dedication, perseverance, and positive mindset serve as the driving force behind her ability to overcome challenges and achieve ambitious goals, helping other on her journey.


From Salon Owner to Visionary Educator:

Having navigated the challenges of salon ownership, Elizabeth understands the intricacies of the business world, effortlessly stepping into the shoes of business owners. A life-altering accident redirected her path, leading her to attain a teaching certificate and venture into adult education. Recognising a gap in the market, Elizabeth founded The Beauty School, a testament to her trustworthiness and entrepreneurial capabilities.

The decision to open a beauty salon in Warrenpoint was an easy one for Elizabeth as it has been a long-standing dream for the entrepreneur. Elizabeth focused her efforts on educating others and worked for many years in local colleges teaching enthusiastic and talented therapists. Recognising her passion for developing others and incorporating her experience and knowledge of the beauty world, Elizabeth & her business partner John set up The Beauty School in 2007.


So, what is behind the success of The Beauty School? The Beauty School offers training courses that are not available anywhere else in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Elizabeth believes that it is essential to offer quality products and excellent service and training. She also believes it’s about listening to what salons and clients want and being able to respond quickly and professionally to their needs.

With an established Beauty School, Elizabeth and her business partner John moved into product development and launched a body wrap (MiniMi) to the beauty industry.


Passion for Empowering Others:

Elizabeth’s passion extends beyond business; it resonates in her commitment to uplifting others, especially those who only need a gentle nudge to blossom.

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